Wat als een Ford Mustang GT net niet genoeg is, nou dan laat je hem ombouwen tot een Mustang GTT met een hoop pk’s

De Ford Mustang is natuurlijk van huis uit één van de meest geliefde auto’s die bij een hoop mensen hoog zoal niet het hoogste op hun verlanglijstje hebben staan.

Maar wat als blijkt dat je toch liever een Ford GT van het laatste type had willen hebben? Of je wil de ruimte van de Mustang zodat schoonouders ook een keertje mee kunnen rijden. Dan geef je hem in handen van ‘Zero to 60 Design’, die weten er wel raad mee, zo te zien op de volgende beelden. En video verderop deze pagina!

Hier en daar een beetje op- en uitrekken, geven hem GT achterlampen, passen de snuit een beetje aan enz. enz. En zie hier de Ford Mustang GTT wat dan weer staat voor Grand Turismo Tribute.

Ford Mustang GTT by Zero To 60 Design

Lees het verhaal rond de ombouw hieronder verder in het Engels.

For $89,000, Will Zero To 60 Design’s GTT Get Your Ford GT And Mustang Wires Crossed?

Would you like a Ford GT but got (or can only stretch to) a Mustang? This creation called the GTT, which stands for Grand Turismo Tribute, tries to combine both.

The vehicle is built by California tuner Zero to 60 Design and features styling elements from the Ford GT such as the front splitter, enhanced brow line, hood vents, and mock side body lines, but on the body of a Mustang. The rear has also been similarly modified to feature Ford GT style tail lights, but utilizing four instead of the supercar’s two units.

Ford Mustang GTT by Zero To 60 Design

Unlike the Ford GT however, the engine is still in the front, and it’s still a V8. More specifically, it’s a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 that’s been upgraded with a ProCharger stage 2 supercharger kit, which brings power up to over 750 hp at the wheels transmitted through a Getrag MT-82 6-speed manual transmission. Those wheels, by the way, are 22-inch HRE P204 rims wrapped in Continental tires.


Ford Mustang GTT by Zero To 60 Design


The body kit is the subject of ire for not only haters, but Ford itself. The brand had previously said that the “Mustang and GT feature important design elements that uniquely and individually identify both as Ford Performance vehicles.” A spokesman for Ford told Carscoops back in 2016 that “Ford’s legal counsel is investigating how best to address the matter.”

Ford Mustang GTT by Zero To 60 Design

Whether the car is in a legal gray area or not, the paint job is definitely in a gray area and features dual black racing stripes down the center. The interior has also been modified, although more subtly than the outside, featuring black leather and Alcantara with red stitching on the Recaro seats, as well as an Alcantara steering wheel and headliner.


Additional upgrades include a 3-inch exhaust with MagnaFlow mufflers, Eibach coilover suspension, and Brembo brakes with six-piston calipers at the front and three-piston ones at the rear.

This example is currently for sale from Streetcarmarket, and carries a price of $89,000 or best offer, which is a lot less than you’d expect to pay for a Ford GT, but more than you’d expect to pay for a Mustang. Just 17,000 miles have been put on this GTT, which is located in Glendora, California.

Source | Carscoops.com

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