Tijdelijke productiestop Europese Ford fabrieken ten minste tot 4 mei a.s.

Inspanningen om verspreiding COVID19 te helpen verminderen gaan door

  • Productieonderbreking is afhankelijk van pandemische situatie, gezondheid van medewerkers, nationale restricties, leveranciersbeperkingen en het functioneren van het dealernetwerk
  • Ford en werknemers zetten in heel Europa tal van acties op ter ondersteuning van nationale initiatieven en gemeenschappelijke activiteiten om verspreiding van COVID19 te helpen verminderen

Ford heeft vandaag (3 april 2020) bevestigd dat de tijdelijke stop van de meeste van de Europese productielocaties nu naar verwachting tot 4 mei zal duren.

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27 februari 2021 Ford verlengd sluiting Focus fabriek

 Bekijk hier het bericht van 18 januari 2021 over de eerste sluiting Focus fabriek.

Ford sluit Europese fabrieken i.v.m. Corona virus tot minstens 4 mei 2020

Lees hieronder het complete bericht in het Engels om welke fabrieken het gaat:

The announcement follows prior confirmation that production would be temporarily suspended from March 19 for a number of weeks at Ford’s main continental European manufacturing sites (Saarlouis and Cologne, Germany; Valencia, Spain; and Craiova, Romania), with production also halted at its Bridgend and Dagenham engine plants in the U.K. from March 23. The company’s operations in Valencia, Spain, however, will remain in temporary suspension until at least April 27.

“It’s important we give our employees as much clarity as possible on how long the present situation is likely to continue,” said Stuart Rowley, president, Ford of Europe. “We are hopeful the situation will improve in the coming month; our plans to restart operations, however, will continue to be informed by prevailing conditions and guidance of national governments.”

Ford’s production restart plans depend heavily on the pandemic situation in the weeks ahead, national restrictions in operation at the time, supplier constraints and the ability of our dealer network to operate. The company’s ‘return to work’ plan also will encompass appropriate measures on social distancing and other health and safety protocols to protect its workforce.

Current work arrangements in place for employees supporting production activities, as well as those still performing critical roles at non-manufacturing sites who are working remotely, will continue.

Ford sluit Europese fabrieken i.v.m. Corona virus tot minstens 4 mei 2020

At the same time, Ford and its employees are engaged in numerous actions across Europe to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID19) by supporting national initiatives and community-focused activities. These range from manufacturing medical equipment such as facemasks and ventilators to providing camp beds to health personnel and donating vehicles for a number of uses including the distribution of critical medical services, food deliveries and emergency transport.

The company also is partnering with various NGOs, organizations and charities to provide support across Europe in local communities. The Ford Fund announced this week a new global initiative to match Ford employee donations and benefit charities in six European markets.

In addition to the suspension of its production sites, most other Ford operations across Europe have been paused at this time except for a small number of business-critical activities.

Additional information on production restart plans will be communicated as plans are confirmed.

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