Teleurstellend WRX ronde Hoonigan Team in Mettet België

Highs and lows for Hoonigan Racing Division

The fourth round of the 2017 World Rallycross Championship took the Hoomigan Racing Division duo of Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud to Mettet, Belgium, where both drivers demonstrated improved pace to claim a number of wins in their respective Qualifying Races. Bakkerud even snagged the Monster Energy Supercharge award, which is awarded to the driver with the fastest reaction off of the starting line in the Final.

Hoonigan Racing Division Team – 2017 WRX Mettet Belgium

While neither driver made the podium (Block was taken out during his Semi Final race due to a mechanical issue that broke his steering, while Bakkerud was put into a tire barrier during the Final) both came away in much better shape pace-wise than their previous two races – Bakkerud qualifying for the Finals in fourth with Block just behind in sixth.

Hoonigan Racing Division Team – 2017 WRX Mettet Belgium

“This was a tough weekend for us,” said Block. “We came into this track knowing it was a challenging circuit for our car setups and despite that, both Andreas and I managed some good results. I’m definitely disappointed that I lost my steering in the Semi Final, as I was on pace and in position to make it into the Final.”

Hoonigan Racing Division Team – 2017 WRX Mettet Belgium

Block continued, “I’m also disappointed for Andreas, he had a great start in the Final but got taken out after some high-speed contact going into a turn which put him onto a trajectory directly into a tire barrier with a heavy side impact. Definitely not the weekend we were looking for! But, we showed quick pace and we’ll be back and ready to for the next round.”

The next round of World RX for HRD is Round 5 of the World RX championship, in Lydden Hill, United Kingdom, May 27th and 28th.

Hoonigan Racing Division Team – stretched WRX Focus – 2017 WRX Mettet Belgium

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