Ontwerper wil Ford terug in de WRC met zijn concept

RS160 concept previews a hypothetical Ford return in WRC

Ford RS160 concept-04

Designer Ken Nagasaka has made a comprehensive virtual project for a return of Ford in the WRC with the RS160 compact race car.

Ford RS160 concept-03 Ford RS160 concept-02

Nagasaka explains the concept can be used from the Blue oval to “stimulate the potential of the market by utilizing the WRC as an attraction and promotion” and to “enhance Ford brand in the compact segment with new not hatch.”

Ford RS160 concept-13

The rally machine could be equipped with 1.6-liter 4-cylinder mid-mounted turbo engine following the current FIA regulations. It also has special air intakes integrated into the fenders which provide a better cooling and create down force. What’s more, the intercooler has been mounted on the roof for better air supply.

Ford RS160 concept-06

Source: Ken Nagasaka via | Worldcarfans.com

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