Mountune Mk4 Ford Focus ST m330 power upgrade vanaf nu verkrijgbaar

Ook de laatste versie van de Ford Focus ST is nu voorzien van een het m330 Mountune power pakket, hieronder alle info over dit nieuwe pakket, je Ford Focus ST te voorzien met net iets meer power.

The new mountune m330 power upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST releases the maximum achievable power and torque from the potent 2.3-litre ecoboost engine without significant hardware changes, substantially yet safely raising power and torque output (330PS | 515Nm); improving outright performance, drivability and fun, whilst also adding a host of functionality, unique to mountune.

New mountune m330 power upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST

Available to easily install yourself via our revolutionary SMARTflash app using any smart phone or tablet linked via Bluetooth to our OBD interface. No wires, no laptops, no problem!

New mountune m330 power upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST

Available march 20e, Mountune’s m330 upgrade for the mk4 Ford Focus ST Mk4 delivers a phenomenal uplift in both power and torque across the rev-range, delivering a host of new functionality and boosting the Focus ST’s fun-factor beyond what most owners would’ve thought possible… and all at a price point that offers enthusiasts incredible value for money.

New mountune m330 power upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST

As with all Mountune upgrades, m330 has been developed over a period of many months, driving situations, fuel octanes and drivers, to ensure reliability is maintained, together with the OE-like refinement that our calibrations are always built on.


Power is increased to 330ps at 5500rpm, with the revised headline torque figure of 515nm available from just 3000rpm. As well as the significant boost in performance, the m330 calibration also includes additional functionality as standard:

  • modified launch control strategy
  • enhanced exhaust overrun (more pops & bangs)
  • a new performance mode aimed at trackday users that recalibrates the wet-weather setting to provide optimum track settings without any pops and bangs to minimise noise-related issues.

New mountune m330 power upgrade for the Mk4 Focus ST

Unlike other calibrations often described as fuel octane specfic, but that still retain the OE calibration safety and / or ignition knock control (which is a contradiction in itself), m330 delivers the peak power and torque figures quoted when used with 99ron pump fuel, but as it truly does retain the oe safety systems, is also perfectly safe to use on regular 95ron, with the only downside being a slight loss of response and peak power and torque versus when used with higher octane fuels.

Ford Focus ST Mk4 Mountune m330 Vs. Standard Measured Power and Torque

As well as the m330 calibration, the upgrade is also supplied with the latest standard calibration and an anti-theft calibration.

The SMART choice when it comes to upgrading your mk4 Ford Focus ST!

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