Mountune m400 Ford Focus RS upgrade naar m400R

Mountune’s m400 Focus RS-upgrade is nu vervangen door een verbeterde versie, de m400R. Zie het als m400, maar dan met de nieuwste ontwikkelingen!

Mountune m400 Ford Focus RS upgrade to m400R

What’s new:

Our m400 Focus RS upgrade has now been superseded by an enhanced version, called the m400R. Think of it as m400. But reimagined.

What’s new we hear you cry?!… well, you still get our m400 calibration, but this is now joined by a standard power output and fuel economy calibration, too.

Mountune m400 Ford Focus RS upgrade to m400R

In addition, we’ve unlocked traditional AccessPort features, so you also get a tailored version of the following functions:

• Adjustable RPM limit
• Full-time launch control (no need to activate via the menu system)
• Adjustable launch RPM setpoint
• Full-throttle (no throttle lift) gear change
• Valet and anti-theft modes
• Dyno mode (RDU On / Off)
• Full access to all OBD channels to use with custom gauges / data-logging

Mountune m400 Ford Focus RS upgrade to m400R

m400X has been engineered for owners with uprated engine internals, that want to extract every last drop of performance from their 2.3-litre EcoBoost, whilst still retaining the standard turbocharger.

Pick-up, response, and mid-range torque are all dramatically transformed, arming the Focus RS with some truly phenomenal performance attributes!

Mountune m400 Ford Focus RS upgrade to m400R

m400R and m400X are both available now on all new orders; existing m400 owners can update their firmware to m400R for FREE during December.

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