Klassieker onder de hamer, een 93 jarige Ford Model A Pickup uit 1930 | UPDATE

Inmiddels is bekend dat door de betaler $18.000 (dollar) oftewel €17,0825 (dagkoers) euries is neergelegd en zich de nieuwe eigenaar mag noemen. Hieronder het bewijs! 😉

De liefhebber- en financieel sterke koper zal zich vast heel blij voelen zo’n pracht exemplaar in zijn of haar bezit te mogen hebben.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup Sold for $18.000 dollar

Dit pure stukje Ford geschiedenis, werd het afgelopen weekend ergens in Amerika geveild, dus stop je centen maar weer weg…

Fordauthority uit Amerika vertelt er alles over, want dat het bijzonder is hoeven we vast niet uit te leggen. Ondanks dat de Ford Model A pick-up uit 1930 (na maar liefst 93 jaar), wel wat gebruikssporen heeft nagelaten.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup

1930 Ford Model A Pickup

Hieronder lees je alles over deze mooie Ford Model A pick-up uit 1930

These days, we don’t see quite as many vintage vehicles from the 1920s and 1930s as we used to, but there are still plenty of cool classics out there for the taking. In recent months, that list has included a 1928 Ford Model A pickup, as well as a 1930 Model A Wrecker that previously crossed the auction block. Now, that list continues to grow with this very interesting 1930 Ford Model A pickup that’s currently up for grabs at Bring a Trailer.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup

This 1930 Ford Model A pickup was originally used to haul ice and coal for Colonna Brothers Inc. based out of the Bronx, New York, but was eventually treated to a refurbishment in the 1970s. The seller’s father acquired the cool classic in 1978 and it has remained in the family ever since, at least until now.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup


On the outside, this vintage hauler still looks a lot like it did decades ago, sporting green paint and Glen Head Farms lettering, which is also located in New York, along with a cherry wood-framed canopy with vinyl sides and a cherry bed floor. Given its age, there are some flaws, as one would expect, but nothing terribly major. The simple cabin is in great shape however, with a vinyl bench seat, a steering wheel, a shifter, and instrumentation – but not much else.

1930 Ford Model A Pickup

Power for this vintage machine comes from a 201 cubic-inch L-head inline-four cylinder engine that was reportedly installed back in 2001, though it’s leaking from the rear main seal. Total mileage is unknown, but it sends power to the rear wheels via a sliding-gear three-speed manual transmission. Even though it needs a little bit of work to make perfect, it’s easy to see the appeal of this 1930 Ford Model A pickup, which would certainly be the talk of any car show that it heads to moving forward.

Source | Fordauthority.com

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