Kerstspecial 2022 | Politie UK & Tuner GCM tunen een Ford Focus RS Mk3 om je er op te wijzen op wat wel of zeker niet mag

Een auto tunen, wat mag wel en wat mag zeker niet, Owen verkeersagent uit de UK kwam op een mooi idee.

Waarom als team geen dikke auto aanschaffen en deze nog dikker maken dan hij al is? O ja, agent Owen geeft in een van de video’s aan dat de Ford Focus RS Mk3 niet van gemeenschapsgeld is gekocht! Dan hebben we dat maar even duidelijk.

In de eerste video roepen ze jongeren op welke modificaties zij het liefst zien uitgevoerd op de Ford Focus RS, hierop werd massaal gereageerd. Samen met tuner GCM wat staat voor ‘George’s Car Media’, stelden ze een plan samen en voerden de nodige updates aan de Ford Focus RS Mk3 uit.

Alles vastgelegd in een serie van 5 video’s die het bekijken zeker waard zijn.

Wie weet steek je er nog iets van op.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 – They plan to teach us how to MODIFY our cars LEGALLY. Episode 1

De beelden zijn geen foto’s maar screendumps vanuit de video.

De politie van Devon en Cornwall uit de UK maakten hun eigen aangepaste sportieve auto (raceauto) om kwetsbare jonge bestuurders voor te lichten over verkeersveiligheid.

De Ford Focus RS Mk3, werd gekozen vanwege zijn legendarische status onder jonge coureurs en liefhebbers van gemodificeerde auto’s, en zal worden gebruikt om jongeren aan te spreken op gerichte evenementen in Devon en Cornwall. (UK)

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 – They plan to teach us how to MODIFY our cars LEGALLY. Episode 1

De aangepaste Ford Focus RS Mk3 zal worden gebruikt om jonge automobilisten aan te spreken, die één van de zes belangrijkste groepen kwetsbare weggebruikers zijn die voor het initiatief zijn geïdentificeerd.

Veel mensen willen hun auto of bestelwagen aanpassen, maar dit doen zonder de juiste kennis kan zowel gevaarlijk als illegaal zijn. We willen mensen laten zien hoe ze deze wijzigingen veilig en legaal kunnen maken en wie ze moeten informeren als ze bepaalde wijzigingen aanbrengen.

Hieronder hebben we de complete serie van 5 video’s voor je geplaatst.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 – They plan to teach us how to MODIFY our cars LEGALLY. – Episode 1:


In this video, we finally reveal the secret project that we’ve had in motion for a while now.

For the last 2 years, Owen and I have been making videos on YouTube helping people understand the rules regarding Modified Cars, The Car Community & Road Safety so to continue this we’ve got something exciting for you.

Bekijk hier een eerder item over de Politie (Nederland) Ford Focus RS Mk3 waar je nog meer voorbeelden ziet

2016 Ford Focus RS Dutch Police (GTA5)

With so many people still questioning the different rules, laws, & regulations we decided to start a “First of its Kind” project in which we purchase a standard yet popular modifiable car to turn into a police car and document the entire process, building it to the point in which the car community would welcome it into shows and use it as an example when they choose to do similar upgrades to their cars.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 – They plan to teach us how to MODIFY our cars LEGALLY – Episode 1

Making your car personal to you and learning how to keep it in tip shop shape has been a popular pastime of car enthusiasts for many years, however until now the laws regarding what you can and can’t change have always been a little up in the air, hard to find, but worse off harder to understand.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 – They plan to teach us how to MODIFY our cars LEGALLY – Episode 1

In these videos, we make the rules easier to absorb while also making them fun to watch, so the viewer can engage and see that we’re here to help while also taking away some valuable information that if done properly can quite literally save lives.

Also, by doing things right you can avoid being pulled over by the police or getting fines/points.

Owen and his team would like you to enjoy modifying your car but also stay safe and get home at the end of the night.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Wrapping – The UK’s First Modified Police Car build series – Episode 2:


In this video, we meet up with the boys at Wrap it Graphics to get the Modified Focus RS police car wrapped. We also included some valuable information on what to do when you wrap your car to ensure it’s all insured properly and backed up by your V5.

Steve and Shaun worked very hard on this car, and it ended up looking incredible – if you are local to South Molton then be sure to give them a call.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Wrapping – Episode 2

A big thank-you to Vision Zero Southwest for allowing this amazing project to happen, we can’t wait to show the rest of the build coming soon so every one keep your eyes peeled.

Kudos is due to Alex and the car throttle team for putting together an amazing event at Goodwood Last week, it was incredible to see the car scene come together and offer all the support they did for the cause.

Also, a big thanks to NextBase for sponsoring this video, we look forward to installing some of the amazing tech in the RS coming soon in future videos.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Wrapping – Episode 2

Use code George10 to save yourself 10% when purchasing from the Next base website, there are plenty of lovely examples to look into however in this video we provided Matt with a NextBase 622.

Police Ford Focus RS BLUE LIGHTS – Is this a Real Police Car? – Episode 3:


In this video, we show you the Police Mk3 RS after its amazing blue light install.

In a game-changing new series, the D&C Police engage with the car community by building this unique Focus RS project car to help educate UK road users on the benefits of doing car modifications correctly and safely and legally.

Fitting police lights otherwise referred to as blue lights in this video, really do set off the RS in such a way that it’s now able to look more and more like a real police car as the episodes go on.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Blue Lights Episode 3


Stay tuned for future episodes as we continue to modify this car as much as we can….

Again a massive thank you to Vision Zero South West for funding this project. Owen and I are very grateful to have this opportunity and the ongoing support has been amazing.

Hieronder een video alleen over bepaalde verlichting voeren op je auto wordt in onderstaande video haarfijn uitgelegd. Uiteraard kunnen deze regels afwijken van de Nederlandse regels!

For more information check out the previous lighting video linked below:


Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Why EVERY driver NEEDS a Dashcam! – Episode 4:


In this video, we kitted the Police Focus RS out with some amazing affordable, simple road safety technology that every driver should have to help keep safe on the road no matter what car your driving.

A dash cam is a very affordable way in which to add a level of security, safety, and peace of mind to any car on the road.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Why EVERY driver NEEDS a Dashcam! Episode 4

I chose to work with Nextbase on this video due not only to the vast array of NB dash cam options available but also the years and years of incredible reviews taken from customers all over the world. They won a fair few awards too.

With a great Dash Cam in your car, you’ll know you’re safe to go anywhere the road takes you.

Reduce your insurance premiums. Drivers with Dash Cams sometimes pay less.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Why EVERY driver NEEDS a Dashcam! Episode 4

Safe, secure, smart

Nextbase is a market leader in connected car technology and driving intelligence so I had no issues making up my mind when choosing a setup to install in the RS.

Thank you so much to Nextbase for working alongside me on this video, find the link below to save yourself 10% off on all Nextbase products using code “ GEORGE10 “

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Why EVERY driver NEEDS a Dashcam! Episode 4

Dashcam featured in the video – Nextbase 622GW in addition to the rear window camera, hardwire kit and other accessories.

“What is Emergency SOS?”

In the event of an incident where the driver is unresponsive, Nextbase Emergency SOS can alert the emergency services to your location and provide them with your approved medical details. This ensures the emergency services can respond quickly without relying on other road users to contact them on your behalf – providing essential support when driving on rural or quiet roads.

“Do I need a smartphone to connect to Emergency SOS?”

Yes, a smartphone is required to use the Emergency SOS feature, as it is the phone that contacts the emergency services for you.

Your smartphone must meet these minimum requirements to use Emergency SOS:

  • Android 8 with Bluetooth 4.2
  • iOS 13 with Bluetooth 4.2



In this video, we install MJ Performance’s amazing 8-pot big brakes, Michellin PS4’s tyres, and some lovely forged Revo Wheels to the Police Focus RS to demonstrate how important these upgrades can be over than of just engine upgrades.

Police Ford Focus RS Mk3 Big Brakes, alloys and more – Episode 5


Keeping brakes in top condition is very important, if upgrading discs/pads etc is within your budget and works for you then that’s just as worth it as doing our big brake kit or something similar.

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