Ford Fiesta RS eindelijk onderweg?

Volgens geruchten bouwt Ford stiekem aan een nog hetere & snellere broertje voor de toch al hotte Fiesta ST. En claimt er meer van te weten. Ze zouden dit te weten zijn gekomen van Ford Performance baas Leo Roeks, tijdens de lancering van de nieuwste Fiesta ST, bevestigd is het niet.

2018 Ford Fiesta ST

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X-Tomi de photoshop artiest die zich vooral stort op auto modellen, was de beroerdste niet en ging aan de slag. Onderstaand is hiervan het resultaat.

2020 Ford Fiesta RS

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Ook heeft X-Tomi de nieuwe Focus lijn al wat uitgebreid, zoals de Focus Vignale, Focus Wagon Van, Focus Coupe maar ook een Hotwheels Fiesta RS, die er overigens niet onaardig uit ziet.

Is A Ford Fiesta RS Finally On The Way?

According to reports, Ford is cooking up a faster big brother for the already scorching Fiesta ST

It’s rather hard to pick fault with the new Ford Fiesta ST. The powerplant is more interesting than the one in the old ST, the rear axle is endlessly playful, and there’s stacks of grip from the front boots. It’s astonishingly capable, amazingly communicative, and quite frankly, we can’t say enough good things about it.

Ford Focus Coupe

With that in mind, a Fiesta RS (imagined above by X-Tomi Design) just seems a bit, well…needless, wouldn’t you say? We’re not averse to the idea of such a thing though, and rumour has it Ford is indeed cooking up an even faster Fiesta.

At the launch of the ST in France, asked Ford Performance boss Leo Roeks about the possibility of a Fiesta RS. “I can’t tell you, but I’m very busy,” was his answer, albeit with – Motoring says – “with a broad grin” slapped across his face.

Ford Focus Turnier VAN

That’s far from confirmation, but not a denial either. More importantly, the publication says “we understand both versions of the Fiesta [the RS and an automatic ST] are under development.” An RS version of the previous-generation ST meanwhile was rumored for some time, but failed to emerge.

Ford Focus Vignale

As for when the RS version of the current-gen car might arrive, we can’t be sure. But with the ST having only just been launched to the press, we’re certainly not expecting it this year.

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De nieuwe Ford Focus ST & RS waren eerder al slachtoffer van X-Tomi zoals je hieronder ziet.

2019 Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus RS Mk4

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