VIDEO UPDATE – 2019 Ford Focus ST klaar voor productie?

Recent gespot in Duitsland de 2019 Ford Focus ST die er hier redelijk ‘af’ uit ziet.

De mannen van een Amerikaanse auto site, vinden het nu al jammer te weten dat de nieuwe Hot Hatch niet meer naar Amerika komt. Maar er leiden vele wegen naar Rome, en zullen de Amerikanen iets meer moeten doen er een in hun bezit te krijgen.

2019 Ford Focus ST almost Ready

Of het afstoten van kleinere modellen nu werkelijk meer bied voor de autobouwer valt nog te bezien, ze zullen er vast goed over nagedacht hebben, jammer blijft het wel.

2019 Ford Focus ST almost Ready

Hier het verhaal van Motortrend, over hun verwachtingen van de geheel nieuwe 2019 Ford Focus ST:

Spied! Our best look yet at the Ford Focus ST we’re not getting.

Recently, Ford announced plans to kill off its entire U.S. car lineup except for the Mustang. Even the high-riding Focus Active that we were originally supposed to get got canceled. That means the Focus ST you see here definitely won’t be sold in the U.S. And that’s too bad because it looks fantastic.

Power will reportedly come from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder good for 250-275 hp. Add a sport suspension, a manual transmission, and bigger brakes, and you have the recipe for a car that’s probably going to be a blast to drive. Except we won’t get to drive it at all. Because Ford won’t sell it here. Instead, we’ll have to watch while our European counterparts enjoy driving this forbidden fruit.

2019 Ford Focus ST almost Ready

Everything we’ve heard about the new Fiesta ST has been positive, and there’s no reason to think the new Focus ST won’t be similarly awesome. Odds are, the Edge ST will sell better in the U.S. than the Focus ST ever would have, but still. Can you really blame us for wishing our Ford dealers still had hot hatches to sell? Especially after seeing how good the Focus ST looks?

Photo source: CarPix | Source: Motortrend

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