2016 Focus RS Prototype als politie auto?

Did Ford Turn a 2016 Focus RS Prototype into a Police Car?

2016 Ford Focus RS Police car Sweden

2016 Ford Focus RS Police car Sweden

Last time we checked, prototype vehicles weren’t used as police cars, but, as you can see in the image above, Ford engineers have a different view on the matter.

Yes, you are looking at a development vehicle for the 2016 Focus RS that has “Police” written on its front doors, or at least on the driver’s door. The spelling you see here comes from Sweden, where the prototype is being tested these days.

Our spy photographers spotted the car yesterday morning, with the law enforcement-branded hot hatch going for an early, high-octane breakfast.

The vehicle is testing at the Continental facility in Arvidsjaur, a location that welcomes many manufacturers when developing new models. Sure, impersonating a police car is obviously against the law, but perhaps this is a piece of trolling used inside the test center.

Come to think of it, not spending too much time on public roads means this Focus RS can probably get away with these misleading white stickers.

While answering a question with another question is not exactly polite, we’ll go down this road for now. Having discussed the police shenanigan, we can’t help but wonder why the Blue Oval is still testing the Focus RS.

We know from our spyshots, as well as from Ford’s documentary that the vehicle has already gone through an extensive development process. The Focus RS, which is also headed Stateside, is scheduled to land in dealerships in Spring 2016, so we might be dealing with something else instead of the “final tweaking” here.

Perhaps Ford has already started working on a special version of the RS. With the standard car now delivering 350 hp and matching the output of the previous generation’s RS500 special, we can’t wait to see what happens next.

P.S. Remember kids, don’t try playing with this kind of stickers at home!

Source | www.autoevolution.com

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